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We’ve been helping customers find back pain relief for many years. If you have chronic pain give us a try, it’s free!

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The American Chiropractic Association discovered “about 31 million Americans experience low back pain at any given time”. 31 million Americans, I challenge you to think of someone close to you that is actually free of back pain, winner gets a virtual kudus……..and we still don’t have a winner! So fear not friends, back pain does not target any person personally, but it’s your job to find a way to eliminate back pain personally.

Back pain stems from overworking during your workouts whether that be one too many sets or incorrect posture during a set. From overuse and incorrect workout posture, to lifting heavy objects, to incorrect sitting posture, the overall common occurrence in back pain lies in the pattern of an incorrect posture. The great thing about this finding is that it is directly related to foot health, and there are effective solutions for back pain. But let’s focus on the science behind back pain in relation to foot health. Your feet can have posture problems too and the overuse of incorrect walking patterns cause your spine to actually become misaligned as well, leading to back pain. When your feet aren’t aligned properly this can throw off the balance of your overall body as well. The loss of alignment and balance can result in further injury, so honestly it’s safe to find a solution immediately to avoid an escalated situation.

Awesome, back pain and foot health was properly explained, now let’s talk about the solution, custom fitted shoe insoles. Since the goal here is to focus on alignment and balance, the custom aspect is very important. We want your alignment to tailor to your specific body, that way there is less room to error. The way shoe insoles work is actually designed for these goals of balance. The cushion supports the arch in your foot to mold your body mechanics. The more you use them, the more effective the product will be, and luckily for everyone, shoe insoles do not need to make a big statement. They’re discrete and easy to wear, it feels good when a treatment is cost effective with real results. Check out Ideal Feet’s three San Antonio stores for a free foot print and great insights on your foot health from trained professionals!

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Vanessa Ruiz
Ideal feet is a lifesaver!! I wish I would've gotten them sooner!after cutting hair for almost 14 yrs I immediately felt instant relief once I started with them. You will not be disappointed! These guys know what they are doing! Thank you!
Mandie Reedy
I’m on my feet most of the day, by the end of the workday my feet are killing me so I stopped In at ideal feet to see if they could help. I felt relief within minutes of putting on the supports. Its been a couple weeks now and at the end of the day my feet still feel great. I wish I would’ve done this years ago.
Thomas K
This store is awesome! They took the time to find out about my pain and my needs. I didn’t feel like I was just getting rushed into buying something they actually made me feel very comfortable. The supports feel great, so happy I did this! wish I would’ve done this years ago. Ask for Troy he’s amazing!