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Orthotics have proven to be beneficial for nearly any and every case, but let’s quickly look into who this product is most beneficial for:

  1. Worn out shoes: It’s important to make sure the shoes you’re wearing are supportive since you’re relying on them daily. It doesn’t matter what the shoe brand is, shoes do get worn out no matter how good the marketing was. If you can spot any worn out shoes in your closet, it is time to ditch those for good, or if the emotional connection weighs too heavy, it’s always a great idea to add orthotics for better support and comfort. Orthotics are great because they can be worn discreetly with nearly any shoe.
  2. Stand for hours daily: Life doesn’t need to move faster than your feet and work stress shouldn’t be going home with you every single day. If you find yourself standing for hours daily, you should be putting your best foot forward for your foot health. Orthotic insoles reduce inflammation and pain during and after those long shifts on the floor.
  3. Foot or heel pain: I can promise you that your foot/heel pain is not due to the pretty high heels you wore the other night or whatever uncomfortable shoes you wore last week. Although, this could be a reason for immediate foot/heel pain, if the pain lasts longeTr than a couple of days, it actually has to do with your foot health. And if you’re finding yourself waking up with heel pain, it could be a symptom of plantar fasciitis. Catch the obvious signs without misinterpreting the problem.
  4. Lack of arch or high arch in your foot: Flat feet or too arched feet don’t make many shoe options when it comes to proper support. Shoes aren’t made for every foot, but custom orthotic insoles can solve the problem.
  5. Former injury on lower body: Former injury on your lower body such as hip, ankle, foot, or knee can result in an increased amount of pressure put on your feet. The increased pressure directly affects your walking posture and balance.
  6. Problems with balance: Orthotics provide stability for flat feet and collapsed arches in older patients.

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Customer Testimonials

Vanessa Ruiz
Ideal feet is a lifesaver!! I wish I would've gotten them sooner!after cutting hair for almost 14 yrs I immediately felt instant relief once I started with them. You will not be disappointed! These guys know what they are doing! Thank you!
Mandie Reedy
I’m on my feet most of the day, by the end of the workday my feet are killing me so I stopped In at ideal feet to see if they could help. I felt relief within minutes of putting on the supports. Its been a couple weeks now and at the end of the day my feet still feel great. I wish I would’ve done this years ago.
Thomas K
This store is awesome! They took the time to find out about my pain and my needs. I didn’t feel like I was just getting rushed into buying something they actually made me feel very comfortable. The supports feel great, so happy I did this! wish I would’ve done this years ago. Ask for Troy he’s amazing!